Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mercedes SUPERCAR from scrap!!

One of the best known and most popular vehicles – Mercedes – 300 SLR «Uhlenhaut Coupe», was recreated three German enthusiasts. Moreover, they used a very specificmaterial, namely, pieces of scrap metal. The car, which they were able to put on thenew wheels, can not walk, but his appearance to recreate the image of the famous model Mercedes. Mercedes 300 SLR «Uhlenhaut Coupe» gained its popularity in 1955. By the standards of that time, he developed a fantastic speed – 290 km / h This success has allowed him to become the fastest car in the world. According to the manufacturer, it was too high a speed for the ride of ordinary people, so it was released just three cars. They are now in a German museum Mercedes. At this point, my friends are planning to sell their works of art, assembled from pieces of scrap metal for the symbolic price of 100 000 dollars.

Shop called «Hitler» and became famous!

The Jewish community in India is outraged to the limit. Entrepreneur from Ahmedabad (Gujarat), gave his men’s clothing store called «Hitler». Rajiv Shah is ready to change the name, but on one condition: with the existing sign people should pay him the costs of re store, issue stamps business cards and advertising campaign. “Only the sign took me 40 rupees”, – complains Raj Shah. Also, the owner agreed to change the design of Nazi store on Hindu.

Jokes to drunks after the parties!

Whenever we go to a party with friends, do not miss that person while we are drunk we do a joke to laugh at us, of course, are little jokes like mixing more alcohol than necessary, face paint a bit so it looks funny, do any phone calls pretending to be someone else, etc..
But the jokes that we will see below are of the “extreme” and not just the above but painted entirely the person who is drunk, the coated with plastic or tape and more things.

Mustache and beard competition in France!

“Monsieur, you have a mustache come off” – a phrase in the competition of the bestmustaches and beards do not hear, because all the hair on the face of one thatneither is true. The competition was held in the town Vittersdorf near Mulhouse ineastern France.